Westmount Park The Conroy

Westmount Park The Stewart

Westmount Park The Morrison

Westmount Park The Dunrobin

Westmount Park The Montgomery (A)

Westmount Park The Montgomery (B)

Westmount Park The Montgomery (C)

Westmount Park The Wynyard


Westmount Homes have been designed with style and elegance and are superbly finished with painted internal walls, ceilings and woodwork, panelled internal doors, moulded skirting and a comprehensive range of light and electrical fittings. Stephen and Jonathan from D& S Contracts will be there to help you make your selections and ensure they are fitted to the highest standard.

Quality Joinery

With an exceptionally high standard of internal joinery, our woodwork is well finished with delicate and stylish rebates and mouldings.

Stunning Interiors

We consult with Claire Hammond Interiors to make sure that every final detail is considered in terms of its style, quality and durability whist giving you a timelessly stylish interior.

Warm, Cosy & Comfortable

Robert Phillips Fireplaces will produce handcrafted fireplaces to suit your individual needs. Fireplaces can accommodate multi fuel stove and mains operated smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. An excellent selection available at their showroom.