Harberton The Pomeroy

Harberton The Newberry

Harberton The Harberton

Harberton The Carbury

Harberton The Beresford

Harberton The Netherton

Harberton The Spencer

Harberton The Baronet

Harberton The Mercier

Harberton The Kingsley

Harberton The Sandridge

Harberton The Mornington

Harberton The Torrington

Harberton The Viceroy

Harberton The Coleridge

Space and elegance are the watchwords for our Harberton development. Set in the heart of the built heritage of the BT9 area of the city Harberton sits perfectly within the style and grandeur of its environs. Homes here have space – within and without – space for entertaining, space for relaxing and space for the family.


Space, light, and elegance define the living areas of Harberton Belfast 9. These spaces provide all the amenities that you expect, designed to let you move, entertain, and relax with ease.


Kitchen, garden, dining and living spaces work in harmony to allow effortless entertaining and comforting family meals. Intuitive design and plenty of light makes cooking and eating a delight.


Bedrooms are places to rest and recharge, to seek our true selves. These august rooms balance refuge with inspiration, and intimacy with light.